Terve tulevaisuus – Health material for refugees, asylum seekers and health professionals

The objective of IOM Health promotion project “Terve tulevaisuus – Health material for refugees, asylum seekers and health professionals” was to promote health care standards for the target groups. The project was implemented by IOM Helsinki during the years 2010-2011. Project partners included the Finnish Midwifes’ Association, the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals of Finland, and the local NGO Africarewo.

The project produced a resource package consisting of a handbook, a DVD and handouts which have a twofold aim. Firstly, the resource package will provide information to refugees and asylum seekers about their rights to health services, helping them to better understand and appropriately make use of the Finnish health care system. Secondly, the package will introduce new approaches amongst Finnish health professionals for interacting with patients who have a refugee and/or asylum seeker background. 

The handbook is published in Finnish, while the DVD materials are available in Finnish, English, Somali, Arabic, and Dari language. These materials are designed to be used widely in reception centers, at private and municipal health care facilities, and as a part of various training events. 

The DVD can be ordered through our contact form, and the handbook and handouts can be downloaded from the links on the right.


A sample video is shown below. For additional sample videos in other languages (Arabic, Finnish, Dari, Somali), please visit our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Tervetulevaisuus